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Software Design

Designing solutions and systems that reflect the way your people work. It is a full and comprehensive service from one of the UK's most successful and highly regarded IBM and Microsoft Business Partners. We will .....

  • Design
  • Develop
  • Test & Support
  • Implement
  • Integrate
  • Project Management
  • Train users & System Administrators

..... and your applications will be easy to use and easy to maintain. We can also 'Internet-enable' your host and back-end applications.

We use a proven tried and tested project methodology to deliver our solutions so you can rest assured your solution will be delivered within the defined timescale and allocated budget.

You can be confident that our flexible approach coupled with our highly skilled and experienced technical resource, means that we will deliver your required business solution safely and securely with minimum disruption to your existing processes.

Lotus Domino Implementation

We will help you create the necessary infrastructure to benefit from Lotus Domino applications. Network design is by an IBM-accredited Systems Administrator who will install Domino on your behalf and set up your base of users. We will assist in network integration with existing local area networks, wide area networks and integration with existing file serving networks. Our overall objective is to assist you in making a forward leap in business performance through business process re-engineering with Lotus Domino as the proven vehicle.

Integration of Legacy Data

We are one of the rare specialists in the area of data integration into Notes. We design and build the internal systems and procedures to integrate Lotus Domino applications with existing solutions. We make sure your applications work in harmony, addressing issues such as synchronising multiple databases, and extracting data from corporate systems and putting it into Domino.

Mail & Messaging

We have a long and successful history of implementing mail and messaging solutions, including mail migration, workflow and groupware applications and improving your company's mail service levels. Our team will design and implement a strategy for mail migration from an existing proprietary mail system to a new system. Our service includes workflow methodology's to improve the flow of data throughout your organisation and groupware applications.

Optimal performance, scalability, security and availability with reduced total cost of ownership
The loss of key IT personnel when combined with the lack of documented standards and procedures, such as a best practice guide, often results in confusion and system chaos. Yet while Lotus Domino provides many modern organisations with critical business systems, such as corporate e-mail, document management and workflow, its deployment is frequently unplanned, with a make-shift administrative model that evolves along the way.

Planning the underlying infrastructure of Lotus Domino will help to ensure that your business solutions stands the test of time. Problems can be averted, in some cases before they occur and you can ensure optimal performance, scalability, security, and availability - while reducing the total cost of ownership

Table Of Lotus Domino Infrastructure Services

  • Analysis of current infrastructure
  • Mail migration to and from Notes
  • Name and Address book management
  • Upgrade planning and implementation to ND7, ND6, R5 and coexistence of R4, R5, ND6 and ND7
  • Sametime, QuickPlace
  • Mail routing & replication topology configuration
  • Single vs. multi-domain environment considerations
  • Co-existence (cc:Mail, Exchange etc.)
  • Lotus Domino server security audits
  • Notes Application Security Audits
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • User Training
  • User ID and encryption management
  • Administration training equivalent to CLS level
  • Third Party application assessment (especially for upgrades)

We address the management challenges presented by server-based computing, corporate intranets and mobile computing, and assess the complexity of delivering the right business applications and content to the right people at the right time. We analyse your goals and IT requirements and offer planning, consultancy, testing (and continuity) to help build a robust and reliable IT infrastructure.
Lotus Domino architecture can provide the scalability, security and standards-based flexibility to meet the long term requirements of both small and large implementations. Many years of deployment in thousands of organisations has enabled IBM/Lotus to build a mature, refined directory technology that supports the full spectrum of customer requirements, if implemented and controlled effectively.

While Lotus Domino has the tools, Voice Technology, an IBM Business Partner, has the expertise and experience to implement and manage the underlying Notes/Domino platform. Together we provide the foundation to enable your organisation to plan for and realise a scalable and robust world-class infrastructure and to take maximum advantage of the technology capabilities of your investment.


As business telephony has moved from a wires-and-handsets commodity to a mindset firmly focused on productivity, more and more large organisations are taking a long, hard look at their business telephony solution. Computer data, voice and internet connectivity have converged and become more complex, and organisations are seeking a business telephony solution that can not only equip them but create cost-slashing, productivity-building telephony solutions. A partner who can deliver the right products right now, as well as for the long term. We are in a unique position to be able to offer telephony solutions which cover these needs.


Our training is designed to make your staff more productive using collaborative technologies. Our trainers have intensive industry experience and combine decades worth of strong solution development and solid project management skills with training expertise. The trainers come from a variety of backgrounds including systems administration, application development and consultancy. Bringing their experiences to bear on the classroom naturally adds value to the knowledge that is being imparted to the students.

For a list of training courses please contact us.

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